Salt Therapy: breathing pure salt in a handcrafted Himalayan salt room.

Salt Therapy: breathing pure salt in a handcrafted Himalayan salt room.

Salt Therapy: breathing pure salt in a handcrafted Himalayan salt room. Salt Therapy: breathing pure salt in a handcrafted Himalayan salt room. Salt Therapy: breathing pure salt in a handcrafted Himalayan salt room.

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Take The Journey To Salt Cove Wellness; Inhale....Exhale....Breathe.

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Experience salt therapy in a relaxing controlled environment.

Give yourself the opportunity to relax your body in a natural way.  Enhance your immune system, improve your respiratory system, help your skin, simple breathe and relax.

Salt Cove Wellness is bringing modern Halotherapy

 ( salt room sessions ) to Northeast Pennsylvania.  It is our belief that a balanced and healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated, for that reason we are making salt room sessions available to the community.  We have constructed a pristine salt room in which a halogenerator crushed, and disperse micro-particles of pure 99.99% pharmaceutical grade salt into the room.  The floor and walls are covered with Himalayan salt. The salt room is equipped with a carefully engineered ventilation and a high efficiency climate control system.  Nestled in a country setting surrounded by nature, Salt Cove Wellness is not just a salt session stop, it is your salt wellness escape and your relaxation destination.

*The statements expressed throughout this website in regards of Halotherapy or any modality offer at Salt Cove Wellness have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Salt Cove Wellness recommends our guests to contact their doctor prior to trying Halotherapy or any other modality

Why Salt Cove Wellness?

We are focus on your well-being, and our main goal is to add value to your life. Salt Cove Wellness takes pride in partnering with suppliers which are the best, and leading entities in the salt therapy industry.  Our salt comes from the Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan straight to Florida, then delivered to us.  By obtaining certified products that required training and involvement in the latest innovation in the industry, Salt Cove Wellness is setting the high standard in salt therapy through the Northeast Pennsylvania. 

As the creator of Salt Cove Wellness, my business idea is very personal, my business idea originated due to my hyperactive airway and allergenic respiratory system.  One day as I was experiencing an allergic episode, a friend of mine advised me to visit a salt room.  She has used salt therapy for her sinuses and relaxation with great results.  She believed that I might benefit from salt therapy and she suggested that I should give it a try.  I took her advice, and made the appointment for a salt room session the same day.  Shortly after I started salt room sessions I felt relief from my allergies and I have been going to salt room sessions ever since.  

I became fascinated with the salt room experience, and the noticeable relief I felt with salt therapy.  

The positive results I experienced with Halotherapy and my desire to help others to improve their well-being, made me realize that I needed to create a healing space so others could experience the benefits of Halotherapy as I did.  That is why I developed a vision, and created  Salt Cove Well


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