A Salt Therapy Room for People Wellness


Our Mission is to add quality to people's lives.  We have created an environment where individuals can experience the power of pure salt natural healing.  

Our Goal is to help more people to live a healthier, better and more enjoyable life in a natural and holistic way through wellness

The People Behind Salt Cove Wellness


Mayra Alba-Chartier

Mayra is passionate about helping others to feel better and breathe easy.  Mayra is a National Board Certified Respiratory Care Practitioner with extensive experience in hospital settings, and asthma education. 

Mayra is a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner, a Certified Reiki Master, and a Certified Foot Reflexology Therapist.  She worked at the Integrative Healing Institute in San Antonio, Texas as an energy healer.  There, she practiced Reiki, Reflexology, and also volunteered with the program Vet TRIIP to help the military veterans cope with PTSD.   Mayra also volunteered her time to do sound healing with a drumming circle at the Army Brook Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. Mayra brings to Salt Cove Wellness compassion, love, kindness, and an open invitation to give yourself permission to relax.


Jude Chartier

Jude is a Former US Army Medic, and a Registered Nurse with a BSN.  He has a Master in Biology, and extensive experience in Emergency Care management.  Jude is currently working in administration as a Clinical Nursing Supervisor at RWJUH in NJ.  Jude brings to Salt Cove Wellness his expertise in business management as he has been the CEO of Chartier Farms, a family live stock beef and bovine business which originally operated in UpState NY.

Jude is currently operating a small scale poultry farm in the Northeast Pennsylvania. Along with his wife Mayra, together they supply seasonal local farmers markets with free range, natural raised chicken.  Jude is a powerhouse always busy creating ways to better serve the public with the most healthy and fresh poultry in the area.  With extensive experience in management and public relations, there is no doubt Jude is a great asset to Salt Cove Wellness.