Frequently Asked Questions. Room Etiquette. Policies.


1- What are some side effects of salt therapy?

Although salt therapy is a drug free non invasive holistic modality, and typical there are none side effects, some individuals may experience the following:

Some individuals may experience a slightly throat tickle, which can be alleviated by gargling warm water.  Others may experience increased coughing due to mucus buildup and the inhaled salt stimulating the airway. Highly sensitive individuals may experience slight skin irritation and itchy eye.  In most individuals as the body gets used to the sessions, these symptoms resolve after a few visits. 

2- In which cases is salt therapy not recommended?

Salt Therapy is not recommended for individuals afflicted with the following illness:

    - End Stage COPD  

    - Infections accompanied by fever

    - Existence or suspicious of Cancer

    - Chronic Kidney diseases

    - Any stage of Tuberculosis

    - Cardiac or Coronary diseases

    - Hyperthyroidism

    - Extenuate and uncompensated conditions.

    - Emphysema

    - Untreated High Blood Pressure

    - Intoxication. 

If you are suffering from any illness, we strongly suggest you consult with your Doctor before you try salt therapy

3- What about the concept that salt is bad for your health? Why is it good to breathe salt?

Halotherapy is received in the form of inhaled pure 99.99% pharmaceutical salt, and unlike table salt which is processed with additives, pharmaceutical salt is

 anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and 100% chemical free. Table salt is consume by the digestive system and over consumption of salt is link to high blood pressure, which can increased the risk of strokes and heart attacks.  

4- Do I need to stop my medications before doing salt sessions?

Do not stop your medication, please consult your doctor.  Often, individuals who undergo salt therapy will find that they become less dependent on certain medications, and experience their symptoms with less frequency and severity.   There are no reports of salt therapy and medication interactions.  Please follow your doctor advice before stopping any medication.  

5- Is salt therapy safe for children?

The treatment is suitable for children of all ages as young as five months old.  Salt therapy is highly recommended for children.  Salt therapy is 100% drug free non invasive with no side effects and no potential health hazards.  In fact, salt therapy is very relaxing. 

6- Can someone pick up germs in the salt room?

Salt has antibacterial properties preventing bacterial to growth.  Our room is built with climate control and a carefully engineered ventilation system.  Furniture is wiped frequently.  We have a policy of no barefoot in the room, for that reason we suggest to bring clean socks, and foot cover will be given prior entering the room. 



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Salt Room Etiquette


We suggest to dress comfortable.  If you prefer not to have salt in your hair, we will give you a shower cap or feel free to bring your own.  Shoes are not allowed in the Salt Room, please bring a pair of clean socks ( we have socks for purchase at the reception ).  Please, do not use fragrance as some people might be allergic to certain perfume.  


No food or drinks are allowed in the Salt Room. Unless you book a private session for one or a private group event, the salt room capacity is 4 people and there is high possibility that your session will be in a group session.  We kindly ask that you keep silent, and we suggest you relax and enjoy the moment.  We would like for everyone to enjoy, relax, and have an amazing healing experience, therefore your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.  We thank you in advance.  


As you enter The Salt Cove Wellness reception area, you will be welcomed in a loving and courteous manner.   Prior to entering the salt room you will proceed to take your shoes off, and put your clean socks on.  If you don't have socks, there will be some available for purchase.  Surgical foot covers will be provided.  A special bag will be provided for your belongings ( phone, keys, etc ) and you can take it take with you into the salt room. Your group of 2-4 people will be guided into a room covered with Himalayan salt panels, and crushed Himalayan salt covering the floor.  You will be seated in comfortable loungers. While in session, you can choose to read, sleep or meditate.  Relaxation music will be playing in the background and the room will be dimmed with intermittent different shades of light.  The ambience is unique and relaxing.  If you need a drink after your session is done you will be offered a drink of water. 


  • First time visitors must fill out an intake and disclaimer form before their services.  You can download the forms and bring it with you, or we will provide them to you prior to your first service. 
  • No food or drink are allowed during sessions.  
  • Please be mindful, and turn off the phone or place it on silent.  
  • Understand that salt is corrosive to electronics, you may use your devices in the salt room at your own risk, but we remind you that the purpose of the session is to unwind, relax, and to leave the daily hustle behind.  If only for 45 minutes, take advantage of this great gift you have given  yourself and enjoy it.

  • CANCELATION:  We understand that life can be unpredictable, and for that reason we have a 50% refund policy for cancellations made within 24 hours prior to your appointment. 
  •  CANCELATION by EMAIL ONLY, please email us to cancel and reschedule. 
  • NO REFUND for NO SHOW, and NO REFUND for cancellations made 12 hours prior to your appointment, Unless you would like to reschedule upon availability.  Please, email us to reschedule your appointment.
  •  In the event that you are running late, you may have to wait for availability.  If you would like to wait, then you will get the next available session.
  •  Late arrival may be reschedule within one week without losing fee.  Please arrive 15 minutes early. 
  •  Thank you for your understanding.